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Casino Bonus Whoring !!

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1 Casino Bonus Whoring !! on Tue Jul 29, 2014 7:44 am


Casino Bonus Whoring - Telling What’s Real from What’s Not

As an online casino player, you have every right and privilege to enjoy the exclusive and lovely experience of casino bonus whoring. Though something a number of online casino players are oblivious of, casino bonus whoring really is one of the essentials and inevitable parts of online casino gaming. Not learning how to utilize or practice the art is the same as saying that online casino gaming is just the same as actual casinos. There is no difference. This wrong notion is the last thing you’d want to enter your mind, inasmuch as the two realms are very different from each other and similar only in one aspect - casino gaming. The rest are different in terms of the phenomenological experience, the set of bonuses, the accommodations and stability. Casino Bonus Whoring is one of these exclusive aspects, found only in online casino gaming. Such, however, is an art that can prove to be tricky and deceptive, if not mastered well enough. So, in employing the art of casino bonus whoring, make sure that you know what the important tips you ought to know are:

1. Never trust.

In actual casinos, the level of trust is relatively higher than in online casinos. This is because in actual casinos, you actually come face-to-face with whom you are transacting. Though you definitely cannot trust your opponent in card games, you can, at the very least, trust the online casino to provide exactly what it is you need, such as assistance, fast payout, and efficient exchanging of your money. You will not have a problem with this in actual casinos. In online casinos, however, the same situation is very different. For one, you can’t see the people behind the casino in which you are playing. The process of exchanging money to chips can prove to be very hard and strenuous. You will have to employ much effort – withdrawing, depositing, calling the customer services. All these are some of the things you will have to in online casinos, all of which lead to the most logical solution: you cannot trust the online casino that easily.

So where does casino bonus whoring comes in?

In your rapid excitement, you may easily be blown away by what you see in the ads of certain online casinos. These ads boast of big bonuses and promotional offers. A common and ignorant casino bonus whore by nature would naturally go to this online casino and try to avail of these ‘bonuses’ in the thought that they have won big bonuses by actually registering in that online casino. This is a drawback most casino bonus whores have. They think of bonuses before anything else. This is something you definitely will not want to experience as it can lead to your dismal loss of money or dismal unfulfilling expectations. Casino bonus whoring must be leveled in such a way that you retain your consciousness about the possibility of being scammed. So don’t trust online casinos to give you the bonuses they promised, especially if it sounds so unbelievable to the point of preposterous.

2. Never give in.

As a casino bonus whore, you must revere casino bonus whoring in such a way that you are willing to fight for it at all costs. Assuming that you have lost in the first point stated, which is to not give in to large and seemingly impossible promises of big bonuses, then the best thing for you to do is to utilize all possible ways in order to make the unfulfilled promise realized.

For example, you joined an online casino that boasted of big bonuses and promotional offers, only to find out afterwards that all of it was a scam, and you didn’t get the bonuses you were promised. If that is the case, then the best thing for you to do is to exhaust all possible means in order to get your bonus from that online casino.

Talk to them. Harass them. Exploit them.

These are only some of the things you ought to do as a casino bonus whore. Casino bonus whoring does have its ups and downs, especially when the bonuses promised are not given to the casino bonus whore. Unfortunately, this can happen quite often as, as have been stated, online casinos do not require the administrators to give you private information which you can hold against them. Online casinos are very impersonal, and you practically will never know the people behind the. If you are not given what is due to you, however, then it is best to fight for it at all costs.

3. Never lose the battle.

An extension of the first point, not losing the battle means fighting for your casino bonuses as a casino bonus whore by all means necessary. There are varied ways by which you can win as a casino bonus whore. One of this is by incessantly calling the customer services in order to get the product of your casino bonus whoring. This, however, is a slightly weak move which may only lead to you being ignored by the casino administrators in the end. If it does not work and the fruits of your casino bonus whoring are still in vain, then you ought to consider the next move. Post comments and make casino reviews and submit them to the media. There are many ways by which you can do such. One, you can make comments in varied blogs and reviews of already present casino reviews of that particular online casino. Or, you can make one of your own. There are already many gambling review sites which very much accept your comments. If nothing new is seen in the management of that online casino, and your casino bonuses are still undue, then you ought to consult forums and online communities to share your painful experience. Being casino bonus whores that they are, this will serve as a healthy reminder to them so much so that they will also not easily give their trust to casinos promising big bonuses to casino bonus whores like you.

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